Everything shifts into focus now.

Not like before.

Before it slid back an forth

In out…in out.

The clicking doesn’t stop though.

Almost constant,

A life in shutter speed.

Click click click.

Like a fleet of spiders

In steel tipped slippers.

I’m panicking,

I want it to stop.

Just for one second,

One extra heartbeat for

Breathing space.

My chest is tight,

With an arthritic paw, I claw,

Grasping at the knots

That choke my throat.

Blurry indistinct shapes,

And indiscernible colors.


My back on the floor,

Warm and supple.

The wood creaks gently

And little candles glimmer

On the outskirts of my world.

I think

There is treasure beneath me

Above me

Right in my own depths.

Pearls and diamonds,

That twinkle mischievously

Or sit with quiet grace.