Stop saying you’re weird

and different.


You’re just like everybody else

and no one is quite like you.


Stop acting bashful,

‘I’m such a weirdo’, you titter,

secretly glad that you’re what?

Unique? Limited Edition?

Get over it.

Everyone else is too.


And isn’t that fucking great?

Maybe you think that yummy-mummy

looks like she stepped out a catalogue,

or those high schoolers look like clones.

But, they’re weirdo’s too,

you just don’t know their particular

idiosyncrasies now, do you?


You’re just as original

as a Queen Bee,

as a D&D nerd,

as a goth,

tatted up till you look like a canvas,

as a tired Mom-of-four,

as a business man who wears the same suit every day,

or as a cowboy.


So please, stop with the memes

that make out you’re one in a million,

just because you’re ‘weird’.


When you know anyone long enough

one thing is clear,

the mad hatter wasn’t kidding

when he said we’re all mad here.