The desert sand is boiling the soles of my feet. Or crisping them to blistered skin. I can see the monolith rising up in the distance. The edges are blurred so it has become an oasis in front of the All Seeing Eye. It looks like it is crying.

I walk closer, thinking there will be water and salvation in this place where gods once lived.

Instead, an infant crawls out to meet me as I approach. He drips with a thick tar, as though he has fallen in a pit of poison. He opens his mouth to wail but only grease and oil drip from his lips and eyes. I turn to run, but turning back see only vultures and endless desert behind me.

I find myself walking towards the crying monolith, the infant on my heels. The All Seeing Eye watches my approach. An ominous menace in the hot, dusty air, but now I am inside the city, I know that I can never leave.

How do I know this?

I look down and see a thousand bloody footprints walking toward the monolith, but none walking away.


[Excerpt from a story in Book 2]