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Rosie’s stomach churned as she walked through the door of the Nautilus clinic. She had agreed, without telling her parents or sisters, to go for an R.E.T procedure with the girls, but they each had to have an individual consultation.

For $500 each, they received a full consultation and two of the ‘smaller’ treatments offered. The options listed on the pamphlet were: Icy Fat Blast, EyeSoBright, Baby Skin, Perfect Pout or Forever Young.

Rosie was scared as hell about the procedures, but she had known exactly which ones she wanted. In the privacy of her room at the sorority, she had been surprised by the glee she had felt once the money left her bank account and the consultation was scheduled.

“Hi, Rosie?”

A beautiful woman entered the room in a clean pale blue midi-dress. A nametag swung around her neck and platinum jewelry glinted in the warm lighting of the consultation room.

Rosie nodded.

“I’m Vivian, I’m going to be going through the consult with you today.” She smiled warmly.


“It’s ok to be nervous. I promise, R.E.T is painless and very safe.”

Rosie gulped, “I’ve already paid and signed everything so I guess there isn’t much backing out now.”

She smiled gently again and reached out to place a warm dry hand on Rosie’s arm, “I want Robotic Enhancement Technology to be a nice, enjoyable experience for you, ok? If you have any questions just let me know.”

“Well…um…what is this consultation for?”

“We’ll talk about the procedures you chose; Icy Fat Blast and BabySkin, we’ll discuss if these are the best options, if these are the ones you really want or need, and what future procedures you might consider.”

“Oh I don’t think…” Rosie murmured, but her voice trailed off.

“Now, tell me why you want the BabySkin.”

“Um…I just…my skin is kinda rough…and I have some pretty bad stretch marks.” Rosie felt her cheeks burning.

“Right…I see.” Vivian bit her full lower lip, “the Icy Fat Blast does smooth skin a bit, so it will help with any roughness…but… Can I be frank?”

Rosie nodded dumbly.

“BabySkin isn’t designed to get rid of stretch marks or scarring, it is just to give you a nice, dewy glow. We do offer a larger treatment called Photoshop Perfection that, along with Cellulite Crusher, eliminates over 80% of all blemishes, scarring and stretch marks…but that isn’t covered by your package.”


“Can I recommend Lip Fillers? They’re subtle, painless, and would really add to the composition of your face. Much better value for you overall. Now, if you wanted to do Photoshop Perfection at a later date, I think that would be great for you and we could give you a great discount.”

“Oh…right.” Rosie felt herself nodding along dumbly, trying to push Poppy’s voice out of her head about fish lips and trout pouts.

“Excellent.” Vivian beamed. “Now, let’s go over procedural stuff and then we’ll get you in the R.E.T machine.”

“Now?” Rosie’s voice sounded hollow and far away.

Vivian checked her expensive watch, “in about 30 minutes.” She smiled warmly and Rosie smiled back.

Vivian began explaining how everything worked, but the words blurred. The next thing Rosie knew, she was nervously stripping off and drifting to sleep in the dark tube of the R.E.T machine.


{To read the rest of this story, head on over to Amazon to grab your copy of Curses Come Home – the kindle version is out now!!)